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A brief introduction to our Product, Kassen is having its core business in Retail Information System And Automations Data Collection Industry Generally and  specifically the Point Of Sale System (POS), Mobile Printer, Desktop printer, Cash Register and barcode system. Kassen was incorporated Through the concerted effort of a team of experienced personnel. The Company is adopting a contemporary approach to succeed in providing total solutions in area of retail information system and automatic data capture and identification.


Our office here is primarily focused in the sales and marketing of our products in the national and global market forward. To date, our products are actively  distributed in most central region in Indonesia (Padang, Jambi, Pelembang, Bandung, Jogjakarta, Semarang, Surabaya, Bali, Banjarmasin, Samarinda, Makassar, Manado).


Our Company constantly striving for reliable , durable and innovative to provide the world-class quality products as our company philosophy. We are also working     efficiently  with our customers for a price competitive systems. Kassen also have many related    products in development. For additional information on our company and products, We look forward to forming a strong and mutually satisfying business relationship in the future.

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Our Commitment

We believes in Relationship Marketing and always emphasize on customer service as our first priority. The Management team has always striven to ensure that most appropriate integration being proposed to all clients are cost-effective and inline with modern barcoding methodology without sacrificing high quality standard. We are seeking win-win situation all the times.

The company is to be run according to the objectives set up by its shareholders. On day to day basis, the company is managing by a local management who will contribute to the growth of the company initially in the area of barcode and data capture technologies and in the long run expand the business to include other complimentary identification products and possibly manufacture labels and other software related products.

Our Resource

Our single largest resource is our staff. Our Experts have combined experience of total of over 10 years in the area of barcode data collection and identification. With our expertise, the customer is always assured that we understand their requirements well and that we will take pains to ensure the success of every project that we embark on. We emphasize on continuous staff training to ensure our staff keep abreast with the latest technologies and presenting the best to the customers.

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Our Expertise

The full commitment and determination to gain leadership in Retail IT Solution and AIDC has resulted in its strong expertise and support infrastructure, and a very positive market acceptance and appreciation.

The recognition to the support quality has lead to the fact that most of existing Retail Automatinon, System Integration and Wireless Data Capture sites in Indonesia are provided and supported by Kassen. It has also established Kassen position as the prominent Pos Solution ,Retail System Enterprise and Barcoding including Automation and Data Capture Solution in Indonesia.