Bill Counting


Reliable and capable automatic money counting machine make work faster, more accurate, and can minimize errors when do money counting. The Kassen MC-50C can also be connected to a printer and is capable of counting mixed denominations simultaneously.
Main Features
  • Equipped with Ultra Violet (UV) and Magnetic (MG) sensors to detect counterfeit money
  • Batch feature to count money in batches
  • Mix Counting feature to count mixed denominations in one count
  • Able to count Euros, Dollars, Rupiah
  • Count speed up to 1000 lbr/per minute
  • Has 3 displays (2 on unit + 1 external)
  • Add, batch , reporting and printing functions are available
  • Software upgrade via USB port
  • Auto currency identification
  • Multi-language interface
  • Supported printer interfaces
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Hoopper Capacity200 Bills
Stacker Capacity200 Bills
Feed SystemRoller friction system
Counting Speed1000 notes/min
Dimension310 X 260 X 175mm
InterfaceUSB, RS-232, RJ11
Size of Countable Notes50 X 110-90 X 190mm
Thickness of Countable Notes0.08mm - 0.12mm
Net Weight5.4 kg
Gross Weight6.4 kg
Power SupplyAC220V ± 10% 50Hz
AC110V ± 10% 60Hz
Power Consumption≤ 80W
Operation Temperature15-35°C
Operation Humidity30-80% R.H.