Smart Handheld Inkjet Printer


Handheld inkjet printer machine capable of printing expiration/expired date codes on packaging, logos, text, images, icons, and others on various media such as plastic, wood, cardboard, metal, bottles, paper, pipes, and other media. Kassen HK400 is equipped with a smooth touch screen (Capacitive Touch Screen).

Main Features

  • Portable and easy to use
  • Support light sensor for use on conveyors
  • Smooth touch screen (Capacitive Touch screen)
  • Print resolution 600 dpi
  • Large battery capacity of 3000 mAh
  • Official warranty
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Printer ModelHK400
Control TypeCapacitive Touchscreen
Machine Dimensions220mm x 147mm x 90mm
Sprinkler typeTIJ Thermal Foaming Nozzle
Screen size5 inch capacitive HD touch screen
Status indicator lightBlue means normal and full state, red means charging state
External interfaceUSB, Type-C
Operating languageChinese/English
Print height2.5 - 12.7mm
Printing speed60mm/min
Machine materialPVC
Printing accuracy600 dpi
Light SensorSupport (for conveyor)
Ink supportWater based, quick-drying, oily
Ink cartridge colorBlack, Optional (Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange, White, Invisible
Ink cartridge capacityBlack, Optional (Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange, White)
Ink cartridge capacity42m
Inkjet font librarySyncronized machine font
Printing materialSheet, Carton, Pipes, Metal, Plastics, etc
Print typeText, picture, serial number (variable), barcode 1D/2D
Power parametersDC 5V, 3A
Standby time20 hours
Machine weight520g
Battery parameters3000mAh lithium battery pack (7.4V)
Operating environmentTemperature0-60°C
Power consumtion of The whole machineLess than30W
Power consumtion of The whole machine42ml ink can print about 385, 000 12. 7mm characters, depending
on the grayscale setting