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MT200 sisi depan (1)

The Portable Printer MT200 is a mini printer with a simple and modern design. Using 58mm thermal paper and equipped with a hangbelt and belt buckle so that this printer can be taken anywhere you want.

MT300VL sisi depan (1)

Kassen MT300VL is a mini printer label with Bluetooth connection that can be operated directly through your android.

MT200VL siis depan (1)

 Equipped with the brand movement, 70mm/s printing speed, clear and stable, no need to add ink and carbon belt greatly save costs.

MT390L sisi depan (1)

Kassen MT390L is a portable multifunction printer that can print cash register receipts and sticker labels.

MT300A sisi depan (1)

Autocutter receipt printer capable of printing larger paper sizes, namely 80mm, equipped with a battery so it is more flexible to carry anywhere